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sorry I haven't updated in a while! I've been pretty busy with goodknits and then I got sick for a bit and now it's just gogogooo with cub scouts and halloween and then the other big holidays coming up.

one day i'll get back into the swing of updating this at least weekly.

Instax: Iron Man

Instax: official police bike

oh, and I bought an instax 210 with the prize money from the last pioneer woman contest. it's love.



i did some blog remodeling over on goodknits (i lost my header!). i also finally put up the crochet pattern for the half-circle apron. to celebrate, i'm having a giveaway. winner can choose whichever apron they want. go check it out!


I don't know if you visit The Pioneer Woman or would even care, but I want to squeeeee, right about now. I have been submitting photos to her assignment group on Flickr all week (one per day) and she chose two throughout (I think there were five groups?). today, she chose this one as part of her finalists group!

YAY! This is the third time I've been selected as a finalist. First was a cat photo, then there was the holiday bokeh shot at the end of last year. NOW, it's the funny faces competition. Hooray for a grumpy toddler who is never lacking in funny faces for me.

post-park face

Weekend = made!

a bed tent

where: my bed
when: this afternoon for about an hour before it got yanked down
why: because it's too flippin' hot to do it outside

the nicer tent face

the tent face

the sad tent face

the tent feet

Please notice that my crazy toddler was crying in the tent. it wasn't a full on cry-mode, but he was just a whiney mcwhinerson, today! every little thing pissed him off. I don't know how he will get through school when the time comes. He's just so...particular? Nathan kicked him out and he went to play in the room by himself. Are we creating a loner? Is he going to be like *gasp!* ME when he grows up?! I hope not.

Picture Color Week 2

Picture Color #8: punctuation mark

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One of the first things I do every morning is check my email to see the prompt for the day. I am loving all of them. You can see week 1 [here].

Big Picture Classes


Picture Color

I won a spot in Picture Color from Shutter Sisters and today marks the end of week 1. I thought I would share my captures from these first 7 days.

Picture Color: bliss

Picture Color: Iconic Rainbow

Picture Color: Changing Marigold

Picture Color: technicolor

Picture Color: Comfort

Picture Color: white on white
white on white

Picture color: Yummy

There is a prompt that is emailed at the beginning of each day and so you captue whatever you'd like and share in the class gallery. It's pretty nice to actually look for things around me that fit into each day's theme. I like having this challenge.



It's finally here! The third anniversary of my baby boy's birth. Weeeee! I made some ruffled streamers to decorate the dining room with. They'll be up from today, through Nathan's birthday (June 2). They're part of the party decor and....well, I kind dig their ruffly goodness.

It was a super easy project and each ball of crepe streamer was only $1 (for 200ft!) I used THIS tutorial. They make an awesome backdrop!

140.365: the birthday JOY

the birthday house

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what a life

what a life i lead in the summer
what a life i lead in the spring
what a life i lead in the winded breeze
what a life i lead in the spring

what a life i lead when the sun breaks free
as a giant torn from the clouds
what a life indeed when that ancient seed
is a berry watered and plowed

what a life

diptych: spring evening


goodknits giveaway

for the crafty peeps
I'm giving away a Xyron 150 sticker maker. I use mine A LOT. Primarily for fabric tape. I made covered this notebook, yesterday:

133.365: the fabric covered notebook

[go on over and enter!]