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Baby Jaywalkers

Originally uploaded by yarnattacks.
the original pattern can be found here- http://magknits.com/Sept05/patterns/jaywalker.htm

my modifications were really quite simple.

I CO 44 and after ribbing for half an inch (I probably should have gone to 1in) I started the pattern, changing the length of the zig-zags to only 3 inches [inc, k3, dd, k3, inc]. after another inch of knitting, I started the heel. I knit the heel flap until 10 slipped stitches were on the sides, then I turned it and did the gussets. after that, it was pretty much smooth sailing until the sock was the right size for Nathan's foot. i decreased the toe to 16 stitches, then kitchenered those together.

he's currently running around in them downstairs. he showed them off to both my mom and my sister (who he's running around with). he's also successfully named all the colors in his new socks.

p.s. I'm sure they look familiar! what else could have been more awesome to use leftover yarn for?


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May. 2nd, 2007 12:14 am (UTC)
wow i'm so jealous of you right now
those are too cute
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